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Historic Preservation Tax Incentives

Historic Preservation Tax Incentives for historic buildings have resulted in tax benefits for owners of historic buildings throughout the country. Warehouses, factories, retail stores, apartments, houses and offices have been preserved and re-used, bringing new life into historic cores of cities and towns. The Jaeger Company (TJC) has guided property owners through the application and certification processes required to take advantage of these rehabilitation tax credits throughout Georgia and have also advised municipalities on such credits in the southeast. There are several Federal and State programs available to applicants; see links found below.

Federal Tax Incentive Programs:

Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit of 20%
Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit of 10%
Income Tax Incentives for Easement Donation
Federal Income Tax Credit for Low Income Housing

State of Georgia* Tax Incentive Programs:

Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit of 25%
Georgia Preferential Property Tax Assessment

*Other states have similar programs to the State of Georgia and TJC is able to complete the application processes for these programs.

Example Projects: