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University of Arkansas Campus Heritage Plan Fayetteville, Arkansas
The Jaeger Company served as Historical Landscape Architects and as part of a team developing a Campus Heritage Plan for the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. This project was partially funded by the highly competitive Getty Foundation Campus Heritage Grant Program. Goals of the Campus Heritage Plan include the development of a comprehensive inventory of historic campus resources, development of treatment recommendations, the creation of a campus-wide preservation master plan, the establishment of a training program for maintenance personnel, and the development of an outreach program to increase the greater communities’ knowledge of campus historic resources.
Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery Athens, Georgia - The Jaeger Company completed a Master Plan for Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery as well as Construction Documents for the implementation of the plan. This historic African American cemetery is located on 11 wooded acres and contains the graves of many notable Athenians. Due to years of neglect the property was overgrown and impenetrable. The Master Plan guided recent rehabilitation efforts that focused on identifying graves, clearing invasive plant material, removing hazardous trees and providing safe access for visitors.
Roadside Cultural Resources Preservation: A Guide to Assessing the Effects of Roadside Safety Implementation Projects on the Blue Ridge Parkway - The Jaeger Company assisted the National Park Service with the development of a roadside cultural resources preservation guidebook. The primary goal for the project was to create a defensible method for determining the effects of proposed safety modifications to the cultural resources of historic roadways. To accomplish this goal a draft method was formulated, peer reviewed, field tested, and refined into a final guidebook. Throughout the project, staff members from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Federal Highway Administration, and the Virginia and North Carolina State Historic Preservation Offices, reviewed the document, helped field test the methods and participated in meetings to gain consensus on the final product. While the Blue Ridge Parkway served as the project’s case study, the methods presented in the guidebook can be applied to all of our Nation’s historic roadways.
Folly and Morris Island Master Plan • Charleston County, South Carolina - The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission contracted The Jaeger Company to provide master planning and design services for two coastal sites, specifically, the northern end of Folly Island, known as Lighthouse Inlet Preserve, and Cummings Point at the northern tip of Morris Island. Both sites are historically important and are also ecologically significant barrier island landscapes. The final plan included a Cultural Landscape Report, Master Plan documents, and appendices with archeological and environmental findings. The goal of the effort was to facilitate public access while preserving and protecting the natural and cultural resources of each site.

Kingsley Plantation Fort George Island, Florida - The Jaeger Company completed a Cultural Landscape Report and a Cultural Landscape Inventory for Kingsley Plantation to provide an assessment of character-defining features of the cultural landscape and to develop specific treatment recommendations to ensure the preservation of this nationally significant resource. Kingsley Plantation is a sixty-acre National Park Service site located within the much larger Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve in northern Florida near Jacksonville.

The site encompasses a former plantation house, support buildings and partially intact slave quarters that were constructed during the site's agricultural use period.

Kingsley Plantation is an example of an eighteenth and nineteenth-century agricultural plantation (1765-1865), the transition of the Florida coast from an agricultural resource to a recreational/tourism resource (1865-1923), and the early-twentieth century recreational development along the Florida coast, known as the Club Era (1923- 1955).